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Troubleshooting Connection Problems
A basic understanding of how the system works will help you to re-establish your Internet connection 90% of the time. There are two main parts of the system; the radio transceiver (radio) and the router. The radio is on the outside of the house, but it is powered from a unit (POE) on the inside of the house. The power runs from the POE to the radio, through a computer cable.
The POE connects to the Internet/WAN/Modem port on the router, with a computer cable. The router establishes the connection to the Internet through the Routcom network. Two things are required to connect your computer to the Internet. Firstly, a connection must exist between your computer and the router (wired or wireless). Secondly, the router must have a connection to the the Routcom Network. When we install your system, your router is configured with connection information. If your router gets, reset these settings will be lost and your router will not connect to our network.


Step 1.
Try testing your Internet connection with a different computer. It is always better to test the connection with a computer that is connected via a cable to the router. If the second computer connects, the problem is likely with the first computer. Try restarting this computer. If this doesn't work or you don't have a second computer then go to Step 2.

Step 2.

Unplug the power to your router for five seconds then plug it back in. Wait 1 minute and then try to connect. (Note: the router can be unplugged from power by removing the small round black cable from the back of the router. Do not remove the computer cables from the router.(computer cables, or more properly cat5 cables, look like the phone cables with a clear plastic end, only slightly larger.
Try to reconnect.
If you still can't connect continue to Step 3.

Step 3.
Unplug the power cable to the POE (power over ethernet) device and plug back in after 5 seconds. The power cable is generally black and does not look like a computer cable. The POE is much smaller than the router and is connected to the Internet/WAN/Modem port of the router with a computer cable. Don't unplug the computer cables froms the POE, however if you do unplug them, make sure they go back into the port they came out of. Wait 10 seconds and then repeat Step 1.

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